ERP Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense Industry

Manufacturers in the aerospace industry require specific functional capabilities in order to manage a complex array of projects. They need to perform stringent cost accounting and maintain consistency and accountability throughout their company. To manage program and contract demands, aerospace companies need end-to-end integration that provides project status visibility each step of the way. As a robust, integrated, affordable system for managing program and contract demands, Infor ERP combines lean manufacturing, powerful tracking and reporting, detailed audit trails, and production and inventory control capabilities with tools for contract administration and billing, Work Breakdown Structure, and project control and execution. Because the Infor ERP modules are fully integrated from one end of the supply chain to the other, your organization can save critical project time by avoiding redundant data entry and exchanging data between multiple stand alone systems.

Infor ERP’s comprehensive Project Management module allows you to maintain contracts and associated Contract Line Item Numbers (CLINs) to match existing aerospace best business practices. You can also set up Terms and Conditions and establish multi-type indirect and direct rate codes for project accounting. This ERP software solution makes it easy to accurately report earned values and assess project risk. Using powerful tracking and reporting features, including DD250 reporting, you can manage material and inventory, monitor cash flow, compute overhead, and accumulate labor, all by project or contract. Infor ERP’s Project Management module enables your company to effectively control the complete lifecycle of your projects and contracts, enabling you to deliver products on-time, on-budget, and to customer specification. The Project Management module is also integrated with Microsoft® Project, a commonly used productivity tool in the aerospace industry for the communication of project status to internal and external project team members. Whether you perform contract or commercial work, Infor ERP offers the most effective capabilities in the industry to handle project based and engineer-to-order requirements.

Infor ERP also offers a robust Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) capability that allows you to build the hierarchical definition of your contract reporting elements and capture costs from engineering, procurement, production, inventory, and other activities against the WBS elements in real-time. Flexible reporting not only complies with contractual requirements, it also puts you in control of materials, labor, and other cost elements daily, by billing period, and throughout the life of a contract.

Complete ERP Solution for the Aerospace & Defense Industry

Infor provides a complete solution including software, support, implementation, training, and consulting from experienced professional services and government contract specialists. Infor ERP combines the strength of a world class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system with functionality such as lean manufacturing and patented concurrent scheduling, production and inventory control, financials, logistics, and CRM along with tools specific to the aerospace industry including:

  • Project Accounting
  • Manpower/Resource Planning/Forecasting
  • Contract Administration
  • Project Stores/MRP by Project
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Earned Value Measurement and Reporting
  • Configuration Management
  • Project Control/Execution
  • Project Intelligence Alerts
  • Engineering and Product Revision Control
  • Microsoft® Project Integration
  • MMAS Compliance Reporting
  • Quality Management